What to Look For in a Free VPN

With ransomware attacks on mobile devices rising (Symantec reported 18 million instances in 2018 and Kaspersky reports a 60% spike in password-stealing Trojans) It’s more crucial than ever before to use a VPN that protects your online privacy. Unfortunately, some free VPNs drain you dry by spying on your personal information or don’t even work in any way. The top free VPN however, offers a user-friendly app, good device compatibility, and is free of advertisements.

Most legitimate free VPNs don’t depend on personal information to make money, but they must still collect this information somewhere. Most free apps rely upon pop-up ads to generate revenue. These can be annoying, but they can also be “personalized,” meaning that your VPN service will share your browsing history with advertisers to target you with relevant ads.

It may be buried in the fine print however, some free VPNs make money by tracking their users, or selling them on the Dark Web. If your personal information gets leaked, you could lose the financial benefits you receive or your credit score and your home could be at risk https://freevpn-android.mobi/ from fraud committed under your name.

In addition, a majority of free VPNs are plagued by low bandwidth, which could render them virtually unusable to stream video or games. This is due to the fact that free VPN services typically do not have enough servers to provide all their users with the necessary bandwidth. You should pick a VPN that has a range of server locations so that you can connect to the one that is suitable to your requirements.

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