How to Take Minutes at a Board Meeting

Board meetings are where crucial decisions are taken. It’s not uncommon for a company to establish its entire structure of management through an election at the board meeting. There’s much riding on the quality of your board’s minute It’s vital to understand how to use them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It’s easier for the person who is taking the minutes to track the conversation if they have an outline or template that mirrors the agenda. It is also useful to keep a list of attendees, so that each person can be checked as they arrive. This will cut down on time and make it simpler to prepare the board minutes at the conclusion of the meeting.

Another tip is to stay clear of getting too personal. It is best to keep the minutes impartial and refrain from mentioning personal disputes or arguments about political views, idle chat. Also, you should not include any discussion pertaining to the personal lives of any members or if any personal stories are discussed which aren’t related to the issue at hand.

It is crucial to document the votes of all participants that you take, including who made the motion, who voted for it, the exact wording and whether the motion was passed. In addition, it’s an excellent idea to record the number of yays and the nays for each item, along with the reasoning behind any votes that were abstained from or against. This will be helpful in the event of legal challenges in the future.

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