How to Protect iPhone Against Apps

Apple is known for its high standards of privacy and data protection however iPhones are still a target for hackers. Criminals can steal sensitive information by stealing data from iPhone applications that gather the data on a regular bases. This includes browsing history photos, passwords, images and the current location.

You can shield your iPhone from malware by using a secure password that you know and don’t record anywhere (you should already be doing this). Another option is to disable the ability to display notification content on the lock screen, which can stop anyone from accessing your personal information without unlocking your phone.

If you want to take it a step further, make sure that you’re using the Screen Time passcode feature that allows you to set up an individual alphanumeric code or at least block access to your four-digit numeric code, which will make it much harder for thieves to brute-force your passcode until they have it right. You can also enable the feature that erases all data from your iPhone after 10 failed passcode attempts. This makes your iPhone unusable to thieves, though it may still be useless if you aren’t able to access iCloud photos and other content.

You should consider installing a mobile security application that you trust, such as Clario. It can alert you to malicious sites, protect your identity from being stolen on Instagram and social media, block annoying ads and potentially dangerous ones, boost your privacy with VPN, increase your privacy with VPN and more.

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