How to Find the Best VPN for Android

A VPN for Android phones comes with a variety of advantages. They include increasing security, privacy, and circumventing network restrictions at school and work. It also lets you access geo-blocked content. But with so many options it can be a challenge to decide which VPN to choose. This article can help you select the most reliable Android VPN by comparing top providers and their applications.

The top-rated NordVPN provides a dazzlingly feature-rich application for Android that is packed with privacy features and backed with an extremely strict no-logs policy. It utilizes military-grade cryptography to protect your data from cyberattacks and hacking. It also includes advanced cybersecurity features, such as a dark web monitoring tool, ad blockers, tapjacking prevention and malware blockers. It has a large server network, a high-speed speed and a wide range of P2P and streaming features. The premium pricing is worth it for tech-savvy and privacy-conscious users, especially because TechRadar readers can claim three months free with its 12-month plan.

Another option is ProtonVPN which is a Swiss-based service that has a simple application with a stunning globe map. Its no-logs system and strong encryption make it among the most secure mobile VPNs available. The more than 3,000 servers in 65+ countries and powerful VPN protocols are also a blessing for gamers. It’s also among the more affordable options on this list and you can try it yourself with the free trial, which comes with a money-back guarantee.

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