How to Design a Strategic Board Agenda That Supports Your Board’s Effectiveness

The agenda of the strategic board provides an outline for running effective meetings that enable your board to fulfill its goal. It’s not the only thing you need to consider – you must also ensure that your board members participate in a productive discussion that leads them to make informed decisions.

A well-planned agenda can help you achieve success within your company, whether it’s through the open discussion of the board’s performance, an analysis of a particular operational challenge or a presentation of the new program. In this article, you’ll learn how to develop an agenda that is strategic and supports the effectiveness of your board while avoiding unnecessary operational detail.

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to board agendas, best practice suggests that you prioritize your agenda based on strategic goals and put aside reports and other business until the conclusion of the meeting. Additionally, providing board members with specific goals and desired outcomes prior to the day of the strategy session can help concentrate their attention, decrease the length of meetings, and also avoid overcrowding agendas.

In the same way scheduling two annual retreats instead of just one will allow for more extensive discussion. It can also be helpful to include industry experts from outside on the agenda to encourage discussions and stimulate a higher level of strategic thinking among directors. It is important to clearly communicate all rules and procedures for meetings, including the process to vote and decision-making to your board prior strategy day so they are prepared.

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