How to Conduct a Data Room Software Comparison

It is easy for one to assume that all VDR providers offer the same features and benefits, but the truth is that there’s significant differences in the pricing models they use as well as the features and services they provide, and the value they provide overall. It is important to review each provider’s offer before making a choice.

One good example is Firmex, which offers the virtual data room that can be employed by professionals to share secure documents. It comes with a drag-anddrop feature to upload files and folders, indexing capabilities as well as integrated redaction. In addition, it has security and governance controls that include DRM and restricted user permissions. It also offers a range of reporting options and dashboards for user activity and data usage.

Of the many aspects to take into consideration when selecting a virtual data space, accessibility for users should be the top priority. A VDR must be easy to use by employees, both current and future as well as other external parties such as investors and business partners. An easy interface can help avoid errors in data entry, and makes it easier for users to navigate the platform which will ultimately reduce frustration and increase efficiency.

Take note of the level of support offered by a company and whether they are available 24/7. Some providers offer email or live chat support, which can be frustrating if you come into problems. Some will have a dedicated support staff who are ready to answer your questions. Review the reviews to discover what support each service provides.

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