Dealing With Difficult Board Directors

A board with members who are difficult could pose a major threat to the efficiency and cohesion of a board. While it may be tempting to let the issue go unnoticed, hoping that the person will change their ways or leave the board when their term is up but that’s not an effective strategy. It is more likely that the conduct will continue to grow more pronounced, negatively impacting other employees and making it more difficult for them to fulfill their duties effectively.

One method to deal with difficult board directors is to directly intervening. Begin by inviting the person to a one-on-one meeting with either the chair or a person they hold in high esteem and would take note of, in order to explain the issue with their behavior. Find out the root of the underlying cause behind their behavior, like a feeling that they are not valued or heard by other board members. It is also crucial to have a clear end game in mind, for instance their behavior needs to change, so that the conversation does not result in a fight or conflict.

It is usually helpful to bring this issue to the attention of other board members during a discussion group when the person isn’t confronted in a private conversation. This is a fantastic opportunity for the chairperson to show that they appreciate everyone’s input and are not afraid to confront difficult behavior. It is also important to keep track of the comments made so that you can update the group on any new information when you return to them.

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