Collaborate on Projects & Centralize Documentation With the Power of the Infinite Whiteboard

Collaborate on projects & centralize documentation by making use of the endless whiteboard. The infinite whiteboard enables you to centralize ideas, zoom in for more detail, track changes in real-time with cursors with names of the participants, and add multimedia files.

Explore new territory with innovative features optimized for digital workshop facilitation. Work on an endless whiteboard canvas using all of the classic board features: sticky notes, digital pens, lines, shapes, etc. Integrate existing documents, capture or upload videos and images to create a low-fidelity prototyping or mockup, and use the built-in camera for capturing your screen, or create a mockup, etc.

Get more from your students and teachers through rich media formats that encourage every student’s participation. Students can respond to posts by uploading photos, videos, gifs, and text on a collaborative board. Students can “Like” responses that resonate with them, and respond to individual posts.

You can also assign a user an individual pulse on the Collaborate Board within the Teacher dashboard. They will be notified when other users click on the pulse. You can share a board and its associated edits with anyone using the free app Freeform. You must be online, signed with an Apple ID, and data room have iCloud enabled in settings. Then the changes will be transferred to iCloud in real-time, so everyone is working on the same version of the board.

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