Board Meeting Procedures – How to Conduct a Successful Meeting

In a meeting in person or over video conference, board meetings should be focused on making decisions and setting agenda items. The best way to do this is by following a few simple procedure for a board meeting.

It is crucial to ensure there is a sufficient amount of people present before any official business can be discussed. This is generally outlined in the bylaws of the entity and involves a roll call to verify that there are enough participants to conduct a vote.

The chair will ask if any members have any corrections or modifications to the minutes of the previous meeting. If there are none, they can be approved in the form of a written.

After all the old business has been settled the new business can commence. The board should work through the agenda item by item, leaving the discussion and voting on each. Idealy, the most important topics should be discussed at the beginning of the meeting. This is because it’s likely that discussion and analysis of these topics occurred during previous meetings, on board calls or one-on-one discussions with the directors themselves.

To ensure that the meeting is kept moving It is important to establish clear etiquette rules around speaking time. For example, directors should only speak after the speaker who spoke before them has finished. No one should interrupt anyone other than the speaker, no matter how important their point is. If a subject is taking over your time, think about deferring it to the next meeting or organizing an interim call so you can finish it in a shorter time.

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