Bitdefender Vs Kaspersky Windows 43

With global cybercrime costing more than natural disasters each year, protecting your PC with an anti-virus program is crucial. Which program should you choose then?

Both Bitdefender and Kaspersky provide comprehensive protection, while having minimal impact on the system’s performance. Kaspersky is rated higher on satisfaction with its customers and offers more features than Bitdefender.

With its unbreakable firewall, Bitdefender’s Defender shields your device from malicious internet traffic that could expose you to identity theft and data breaches. It also monitors your WiFi network for rogue access points and blocks online trackers within your web browsers. It also scans your computer for “stalkerware,” spyware that jealous spouses or employees use to monitor you.

Bitdefender’s malware detection engine is more precise than Kaspersky. In the most recent testing, Bitdefender only registered 12 false positives, while Kaspersky registered eight. The difference could be due to the fine-tuning algorithms of both programs’ detection engines, which allow them to distinguish between malware and legitimate documents.

Bitdefender’s Rescue Environment is another fantastic feature. It allows you to restore the clean version of your operating system if you’ve got an issue that is serious. This is a useful feature that Kaspersky does not offer with its antivirus suites. However, you can get it as a standalone service.

Bitdefender is also more user-friendly than Kaspersky, with an intuitive interface that is lightweight and runs your computer swiftly. It has other security tools such as a parental control system, a password manager and an unpaid scanner that scans Windows devices for malware and vulnerabilities. It can be used to encrypt wireless connections using a secure VPN.

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