Avast Free Forum


Avast Free Forum is a site on which users can ask questions regarding their antivirus software. It provides a variety of resources, including tutorials and FAQs. The site is simple to navigate and is regularly updated. Avast is one of the biggest players in the field of cybersecurity has one of the best customer support levels for its anti-virus program. Its support button on its website page and PERSONAL COMPUTER application gives customers access to helpful COMMONLY ANSWERED questions and discussion forums, as along with expert technical assistance should they encounter any problems.

Its support has its flaws. An investigation by PCMag and Hauptplatine discovered that the company shared information about its users, including their locations and IP addresses with third-party companies, which can create privacy concerns for some consumers. A recent attack on its online community resulted in theft of user names, emails and passwords hashed. Fortunately, the information regarding repayment was not stolen. The company has promised to re-build the forum with an improved and safer platform.

Another issue is that the free version of Avast doesn’t come with all of its scanning options, which means you’ll need to purchase the premium plan if you want to take full advantage of its capabilities. If the free version detects threats that are advanced it will show the “Resolve button” will take you to the payment screen that will prompt you to upgrade to the Premium plan.

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