Avast Antitrack Premium Review

Avast antitrack premium is a powerful privacy tool that protects you from online tracking, hiding your digital fingerprint and protecting your operating system. It is a security application which combines antivirus, security software, and tools to control hackers and ransomware. It also includes a firewall to protect the network, as well as protection against hacking attempts.

Avat Antitrack Premium has a powerful malware detection engine that scored hundreds of percent in my tests and comes with a range of security tools including the username and password manager, an in-home network scanner as well as VPN, VPN and a security advisor that can alter your privacy settings on social media sites. Its compact design and user-friendly interface make it a great option for users who care about their privacy online.

The software stops companies from observing your browsing habits to create a profile of your online preferences and purchasing habits. It also protects your privacy from ‘fingerprinting’ strategies that identify your browser by its settings and uses to track your activity on the web. Our anti-tracking application can prevent websites from spying on your computer’s hardware to target specific advertisements, and even display overpriced prices for products you’ve researched.

Avast antitrack Premium functions in a different way than it’s VPN since it cannot be used to encrypt and secure your connections on public Wi-Fi or conceal your location from hackers, but it does offer the ability to stop ad tracking, without altering how websites look or preventing access to vital functions. It can also scan external storage for malicious code, and it can be used on multiple devices, without impacting performance.


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