Antivirus For iPhone – What You Need to Know

As you might expect, the operating system used on the iPhone and iPad, iOS, is immune to most viruses and malware. Even the most imp source secure devices are susceptible to online threats. It’s important to learn about the best antivirus for iphones and how to safeguard your phone.

Unlike most Android phones, which are able to be infected by viruses and spyware from unsecure Wi-Fi networks or malicious apps downloaded from the App Store, Apple’s iOS is secured by strict security measures. This makes it extremely difficult to obtain viruses on an iPhone or iPad or iPad, unless it’s jailbroken. Antivirus for iPhone isn’t necessary unless you’re using a jailbroken device since malware is only distributed by apps and the applications have been tested before they are allowed to be published in the App Store.

The best iphone antivirus offers an array of security features on the internet to safeguard your device from phishing attacks, spam calendar invitations, ads, browser trackers and data-stealing programs. A few of the top antivirus brands offer parental control tools to improve the functionality of Apple’s iOS parental controls.

Norton, for example, offers advanced antivirus for iphone and mac that combines various features to help prevent infections. It includes a virus scanner and firewall, web security, and VPN. It also scans dark web for personal data that hackers might take from your device, such as passwords or bank details.

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